So why would you want to remove a tree anyway?

As a tree service, tree removal is a lot of what we do. We love our job but we always want to remove trees for the right reasons. Below is a list of the most common reasons.

3-D (Dead, Dying, Diseased):

One of the most popular reasons for tree removal is that the tree is dead, dying, and diseased. This is also the most justifiable reason to for tree removal. The tree is dead or near death and needs to be removed before it becomes a hazard to people and structures around it (See Liability Issues below)

Storm Damaged or Injured Trees:

Sometimes storm damage may just be a broken limb that doesn’t compromise the tree but it is good idea to have any tree that has lost a large limb inspected by a tree professional who can do a risk assessment on the tree to make sure more limbs aren’t injured and waiting to fall. We provide this service for free. Injured trees are more likely to fail/fall but injuries don’t always necessitate tree removal. We and most true tree service professionals offer free inspections.

Tree outgrows it’s area:

Trees close to a house is a real “catch 22” situation. On the one hand the shade that trees provide lowers cooling costs in the summer and provides a buffer from winter wind. On the other hand the reduction in sunlight can contribute to mold and rotten wood causing maintenance costs to increase (this is covered in more detail in the maintenance section below). Trees to close to houses can also allow unwanted pests like squirrels and mice to enter the attic. A client of ours had us remove some trees touching his house because a family of squirrels had gotten in his attic and trampled his insulation and chewed electrical wires. He spent a lot of money having someone trap and remove the squirrels, repair the holes they chewed in the roof eaves, and then had to re-insulate and rewire the attic. In cases where limbs are actually in contact with the house the constant swaying of the trees can lead to damaged shingles or siding.

Sometimes when a tree is too close to a house we can simply trim or prune the tree limbs away from the house but if many limbs need to be removed it can cause th tree to no longer be aesthetically pleasing. In that case it may be better to remove the tree and plant another more compact growing tree or simply choose a more suitable location.

Tree roots cause a problem:

Unfortunately tree roots sometimes clog up your septic system, or they can crack your driveway, sidewalk, pool or foundation. Since there is no way to stop this other than tree removal it is always best to do some research or consult a landscape professional when choosing a location for trees around a house or driveway. Often people fail to understand the mature growth size of a tree before they plant it or they just plan to sell the house before it reaches maturity leaving the next owner to have to pay a professional tree service to remove the tree.
Impact on surrounding landscape:

Due to their size trees can dominate smaller plants. Homeowners should choose bushes or shrubs that can tolerate the competition for sunlight and wather or they have to live with a landscape not performing at it’s full potential. Grass that isn’t performing well under a tree can be helped by increasing water and fertilizer but some grasses only do well in full sunlight. While it may be cheaper to remore the tree, if you love the tree you might want to consult QualityTree Service’s about changing to a different kind of grass to save the tree.
Impact on home value:

While the right tree in the right location can increase a homes value the wrong tree can hurt home values. Often we can improve the curb appeal of a house in the woods by raising the tree canopy which is simply removing the lower limbs blocking the view of the house from the road. Unfortunately sometimes to improve the curb appeal we have to resort to tree removal.
Additions or Renovations:

Sometimes two things cannot occupy the same spot. Such is the case of a tree and your new garage, home expansion, driveway, etc. Usually in these cases tree removal is the only option and if you are feeling down about removing your favorite tree you can always plant another one. Even if it doesn’t mature in our lifetime our kids or someone else’s kids may enjoy it.

Peace of Mind:

We often remove trees because some people lay awake on stormy nights because of a particular tree or tree’s that rock in the wind and looms over the house. Unfortunately the only way to insure a tree doesn’t fall on the house is to remove all large trees within striking distance. It can be costly to remove a lot of trees near your house and sometimes this alleviates the fear but leaves some regret. Often fears can be calmed by having a tree service professional inspect the trees to make sure none of them have any defects that would make them a higher than normal threat. If a tree needs to be removed you don’t need to beat yourself up for being a tree killer. Simply plant a new native tree at a better location on your property and you are doing your part to renew the growth cycle. If you don’t have room on your property but still want to make a contribution you can make a donation to they plant a tree for every dollar donated and you can even specify the location by US State or country. Cut a tree in your yard and have a couple planted in a non-harvest location within your same state or even choose to replant rainforests in Africa and Latin America.